No School Today

Yet mountains and mountains of homework.

Channel 4 Says “Who eats more, teens who are obese, or their peers?”

I’m pretty sure the answer is their peers.

Lost Approximately 4 Brain Cells at Lunch Today

I swear, I felt like I’d been thrown into some satiric parody show.  I sat between a boyfriend and girlfriend, and another girl sat beside the girlfriend, and I didn’t hear anything leading up to it, but the other girl mentioned that she had been best friends with the boyfriend the year before, and reminisced about how they’d sat together in every class.  And the girlfriend immediately started. 

"I didn’t know you talked to her last year." -Girlfriend.


"Yes you did, you had me tell him hi that one time," -Other girl

"I thought that was in the hall way!" -Girlfriend

"*eating*" Boyfriend

"Are you mad or something?" Other girl

"Oh, no, I’m not mad.  Just completely deceived and lied to." Girlfriend

"*shares a look of disbelief with me*" Other girl

"Can I have your chicken?" Boyfriend

"Yeah, of course!" Girlfriend

"So, like, what were you guys talking about, I completely clued out." Boyfriend.

"*snickers*" Other girl

"You!" Girlfriend.

"Me?" Boyfriend

"But you had to have known…" Other girl

"Oh, yeah, me and *insert name here* were real close last year." Boyfriend.

"Oh, so now you were ‘real close’ last year?  Just great." Girlfriend.

And I twitch a few times, then shake my head and examine my binders, waiting for lunch to be done with. 

So, what’s been going on in Your Life?

I’ve been online for so long, I don’t even remember how to blog. fasdlj;fkjas;ldfkjsl;ja

We Built This Schmiddy-We Built This Schmiddy- We Built This Schmiddy on Tootsie Rolls…

Honestly, I just haven’t been online for months.  I’m probably going to have even less time to be this semester, but whatever.  Also, I’m taking AP classes now, and have taken a vow to stop complaining about APUSH- or specifically, the AP class I have which is realistically throwing work on me constantly like a college class.

long or not, its a fresh start and like i really have no idea what its about so i guess more enjoyable at the moment, so yeah idk

Ohh, lol well if that’s your reasoning then go for it.  I was just misunderstanding the question, I guess.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!
Rereading Harry Potter Series Again

Replacing Harry’s name with mine, the family names with my corresponding family members, and trying to remember to switch Gryffindor, when it applies to me, with Slytherin, and to switch his Holly and Pheonix feather to my Redwood and Unicorn hair.

MELT Hatsune Miku [Translation Non-proffesional]

"Asa me ga samete

Massaki ni omoiukabu

Kimi no koto

Omoikitte maegami o kitta [Doushita no?]

tte kikaretakute


ohana no kamikazari

Sashite dekakeru no kyou no

Watashi wa kawaii no yo



Suki da nante zettai ni ienai


Me mo awaserarenai!

Koi ni koi nante shinai wa watashi

Datte kimi no koto ga,

Suki na no”

Wake up in the morning

The first thing that pops up in my mind is you

Boldly I cut my bangs so you’ll be able to ask “What’s up with you?”


A flower hair piece

So when today, when I go out and see you, I’ll be cute


My heart’s beating so hard!

I can’t just tell you that I like you…


I can’t even look you in the eyes

I’m not the type to fall in love with love

You’re the one that I like


I am a Slytherin, douches.   I knew it.  I so knew it.  I wasted so much time opening myself up to the other houses, when I’m a Slytherin and I knew it. 

My wand is Redwood, which is attracted to those with good luck and great adventures.  :D  It’s rare to get, and Ollivander is already expecting great things from me.  The core is unicorn, which is slightly more clean and is not set for extraordinary magic, but Redwood is, and the unicorn hair is intensely loyal, I just have to get it replaced when it dies.  It is 14 and a quarter inch, which is very long, mostly because me is tall but I think it goes over the regular 14 because of the persona thing. :)  It’s also bendy, which means I’m adaptable to changes in my life. 

So, my name is StormRose20725, add me. :)